Meet the Team

 20 years of growing experience

Jody Testaberg

Founder – CEO

Jody’s passion for cannabis cultivation and grow technologies pushed him to seek out education in historic practices and innovative techniques throughout strategic growing cultures both nationally and internationally. With twenty years of progressive growing experience, management roles in construction and manufacturing, and owner/operator business ownership, Jody provides extensive knowledge, professionalism and passion to your growing needs. Large or small; outdoor, greenhouse or warehouse; soil, coco coir, hydroponic or aeroponic; conventional or Clean Green operations – Jody has the expertise to design, build and implement your needs.

Professional Qualifications

  • Propagation Manager and Master Grower positions for three commercial cannabis cultivation facilities including LeafLine Labs of Minnesota
  • Leadership accolades during Combat Engineering service for the US Army during Bosnia-Herzegovina Peace Enforcement Operations
  • Six years construction and manufacturing experience in supervisory roles
  • Six years business ownership
  • Assisting with initial grow systems build out, propagation, cultivation and harvesting during their start-up phase.

Abbie Testaberg

Founder – COO

A diverse path coalesced to give Abbie just the right skills to manage the “business” of Whole Plant Technologies. A degree and graduate work in Theatre from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and the University of Minnesota (respectively) laid a foundation of production management fostering creativity, creation, budgeting, directing, and marketing skills. Six years of restaurant and retail management, which folded into ten years of restaurant ownership, has amplified Abbie’s business acumen, leadership, operations management, and customer service skills. In co-founding Whole Plant Technologies, Abbie has submerged herself in learning about cannabis and is passionate about strain specificity as it relates to patient needs, processing technology and advances in application combining plant specificity, processing and targeted treatment.

Professional Qualifications

  • BA with honors from University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Graduate Fellow at University of Minnesota
  • Six years restaurant and retail management
  • Ten years business ownership
  • Three years cannabis consulting

Buck Duncan

Executive Vice President – Cultivation

Extensive work experience in the horticulture industry, including propagation, logistics and research, combined with a two year mentorship at Whole Plant Technologies, provides the perfect background for Buck to oversee Whole Plant Technologies’ Cultivation Education and Grower Placement Program (CEGP Program). A human encyclopedia of plants, broad horticulture experience (including a thorough understanding of the cannabis plant) and a patient, positive and communicative disposition – Buck is the perfect liaison for Whole Plant Technologies to train clients and prepare growers for placement with clients.

Professional Qualifications

  • Horticulture education from University of Wisconsin – River Falls
  • Ten years horticulture grow management experience, including nursery and greenhouse operations, plant management and logistics management

Jesse Long

Operations Manager

Jesse has enjoyed the distinct advantage of growing up in the Cannabis hotbed that is Oregon, and was generally able to develop his relationship with the plant without stigma or reprisal. Through serendipity, he snagged a job “Budtending” during the medical-only epoch of Oregon legal cannabis and witnessed first-hand it’s transition into full adult usage. With a passion for learning and disseminating that knowledge, he takes pleasure in dispelling the myth of the “lazy stoner” and normalizing its use amongst all socioeconomic identities. Jesse eagerly anticipates the day when the antiquated laws of the United States are updated to allow the full potential of Cannabis to be scientifically researched and the transformative potential of its by-products can be realized.

Professional Qualifications

  • Received an International Baccalaureate Full Diploma from the International School of the Cascades
  • Graduated from the University of Oregon with a major in Political Science, where he also attended the Robert D. Clarke Honors College.
  • Years of consumption and interacting with the Cannabis purchasing public at Oregon dispensaries has fueled his passion and ability to communicate that passion across a range of consumer types.
  • Management experience at Phantom Farms, a recreationally licensed farm in Oregon, where he was responsible for the curing, manicuring, meticulous tracking, submitting for laboratory analysis, and preparing the product for distribution by the sales team.