Installation, Service, Consultation, Maintenance Plans

Whole Plant Technologies utilizes 20 years of growing experience to offer installation, service and maintenance plans, as well as consultation services to help train your team on the best practices for achieving the highest yields possible with our Grow Tray System. Learn more about Whole Plant Technologies’ Cultivation Education and Grower Placement Program (CEGP Program) and the other services we offer.

Tray Systems

Whole Plant Technologies sells the patented Grow Tray System for commercial and personal use. The Grow Tray System is ideal for large, vertical commercial grow operations, middle tiered canopies and also hobby growers. The Whole Plant Technologies Grow Tray System can be purchased on it’s own or with installation and service plans.

Tray Systems with Installation

When purchasing grow trays from Whole Plant, you have the option of choosing installation. This option ensures that the grow tray systems are properly installed for optimal use and production. Protect your investment with installation services from Whole Plant.

Grow Tray System with Installation and Service Plan

In addition to installation, Whole Plant offers service plans for our hybrid hydroponic-aeroponic systems. From checking filters and ensuring operations are all working properly to collecting and discarding roots, the levels of service and maintenance plans vary depending on your needs. Contact Whole Plant for more information about service plans and maintenance options for the Grow Tray System and your operations.

Consultation Services

In addition to installing and servicing our grow trays, Whole Plant Technologies also offers a wide array of consultation services. From site selection to helping your company achieve the Clean Green Certification to cannabis law compliance, we can consult and train you and your team. Whole Plant Technologies’ consultation services include:

Site selection
Buildout/garden design
Construction contracting
Clean Green certification
Access to seeds, clones and plants
Automation and security
Yield efficiency
Cannabis law compliance and application assistance
Garden maintenance
Disease and pest control
Nutrient issues
Cultivation Education and Grower Placement Program

Through the CEGP Program, we can assist you in finding Master Growers, Cultivation Managers, Horticulture Technicians and more in order to make your operations as successful as possible. If you need help finding professional growers and technicians, Whole Plant Technologies can help.

Cultivation Camp - Weekend Workshop

25off_coupon2xA two-day workshop program to teach home/hobby growers how to set up our tray and basic knowledge of our system with growing tips. We can bring our workshop to you, no matter where you’re located in the US.

  • Minimum attendees needed – 8 – $625 per person
  • Maximum attendees – 12 – price drops to $575 per person with 10+ attendees booked
  • $200 workshop reimbursement if a tray and kit are purchased
  • $300 workshop reimbursement to the lead person that coordinates 8+ attendees
Saturday9am-12pmSystem build-out, set-up, and plumbing
Saturday12pm-1pmLunch break
Saturday1pm-5pmSystem options: water filters, cooling units, lighting and nutrients. System management: heat, humidity, water temperature, pH, nutrients, and light cycles
Sunday9am-12pmPlant selection and management: strains, seeds, clones, sexing, breeding, pruning,trimming, drying, and curing
Sunday12pm-1pmLunch break
Sunday1pm-3pmDiscussion of the industry and a question and answer session

Contact Whole Plant Technologies for more information about our installation, service plans, consultation services and the CEGP Program. Whole Plant Technologies advances cannabis and agricultural growing techniques to produce clean, premium product with increased margin.