Small, Medium and Large Scale Cannabis Production

scalable cannabis production

Whether you’re a hobby grower or large commercial producer, there are universal fundamentals of cannabis production. The fundamentals for a small, medium or large production operation include plant genetics, specific grow environment needs and the basics of the plant’s grow and light cycles. Regardless of growing style, hobby growers need a basic understanding of the fundamentals and large commercial producers need significantly more advanced knowledge and experience.

Grow Tray Systems for Scalable Cannabis Production

At Whole Plant Technologies, our systems are modular and scalable, which allows them to be used successfully by both hobby/home growers and large commercial producers – including the ability for vertical farming.

For hobby and home growers, the Whole Plant Technologies Grow Tray System is designed for multiple styles of hydroponic and aeroponic growing. The tray system is great for someone looking to experiment with a new style of growing, but can also be purchased with a kit that allows for an advanced (and tested) grow technology to consistently and perpetually produce both high quality and high quantity yields.

Compared to hobby/home growing, there are many more aspects to consider when producing cannabis on a commercial scale:

  • Water filtration
  • HVAC and cooling systems
  • Lighting options
  • Grow system technologies

Whole Plant Technologies offers consulting services to help ease the expansive knowledge and decisions that need to be made for large scale commercial cannabis production. Our tray systems are designed to produce high yield, fast growing, quality product while reducing cost across the board including those spent on grow medium, labor, water usage, nutrient consumption and lighting needs.

Because large commercial cannabis production varies greatly from small scale home and hobby growing, it’s important to have a horticulture team properly trained to manage your canopy. In addition to consulting services for small, medium and large scale growing, Whole Plant Technologies has a grower training and placement program. We can help you find an experienced grower no matter the size of your growing operation, or help place a reliable team with previous experience growing with our systems.

Whole Plant Technologies offers scalable cannabis production grow systems that can be used for your small, medium or large scale grow facility. Contact Whole Plant Technologies for more information about training, support and service for small, medium and large scale cannabis production.

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