The Medical Cannabis Market In The United States

Medical Cannabis

The recreational commercial and medical cannabis industry has brought Whole Plant Technologies all around the United States. Including Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and Guam in the count of “States” that have some form of legalization of cannabis, there are 47.

The laws legalizing cannabis across the United States range drastically from full recreational access of cannabis (including allowance for possession of an individual plant count) to CBD-only laws protecting small numbers of patients, but not cultivation, processing and dispensing.

Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma are the holdout states with no laws on the books to legalize medical or recreational marijuana in any capacity. States like Utah, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina have legalized access to industrial hemp cannabis through the Farm Bill. Georgia, Wisconsin and Texas have nearly non-functioning CBD-only Bills.

Our last blog supplied a table with detailed information regarding states that have existing and emerging recreational cannabis markets. Below, you will find a table detailing existing and emerging medical cannabis markets.

Whole Plant Technologies advocates and educates for sensible regulation of cannabis. We support individuals having the freedom of personal access to the plant for medical or recreational purposes. We also support a legal and regulated commercial cannabis industry for the broader population to have access to medicine or a recreational option safer than alcohol and tobacco.

Legalization efforts that focus regulation on safe growing, processing and dispensing practices, but that are not overly burdensome or expensive, provide the best access of cannabis to the consumer with the least need for higher prices compared to the black market.

We put our growing system where our advocacy-mouth is, too! Our medium-less aeroponic grow tray system can be used for hobby-growing and large-scale commercial marijuana cultivation. It is scalable and modifiable with over twenty plumbing recesses to accommodate various growing styles and set-ups.

Whole Plant Technologies’ grow system allows for reduced use of water, reduction in the likelihood of needing chemical interventions for mold, mildew and pesticides, and can be used with organic nutrient lines. Our trays are made with FDA approved food grade plastic and can be used over and over. Our system allows for perpetual harvests which yield faster, larger, and higher quality product.

Established Medical Cannabis Market






Out of State Recip.?
Bill PassedEffective
Colorado5,658,54620002010Yes No
Washington7,384,72119982016Yes No
Oregon4,144,5271998 / 20132014Yes No
Alaska741,20419982016Yes No
Nevada2,995,9732000 / 20142015Yes Yes
California39,849,8721996 / 20152018Yes No
Massachusetts6,873,01820132016Yes No
Washington D.C.697,0122010 / 20122013Yes Yes
Maine1,327,47219992013Yes Yes
Arizona7,026,629 2012Yes No
New Mexico2,084,19320072009Yes No
Connecticut3,583,13420122014No No
Vermont624,5922004 / 20112013Yes No
New Hampshire1,335,83220132010No No
Delaware965,86620112015No No
Rhode Island1,059,0802006 / 20092013Yes Yes
Hawaii1,454,2952000 (2015)2017?Yes No
Michigan9,935,1162008 / 2016 Yes Yes
New York19,889,65720142016NoXNo
Illinois12,815,60720132015No No
Montana1,052,34320042016Yes No
New Jersey8,996,35120102012No No
Puerto Rico3,474,0002016 / 20172017NoXYes


StateCap on # of Licensees?2016 Med. Sales# of patients
Colorado1560776250 14520$423,429,17294,577
Oregon528    528$112,000,00067,141
Nevada1907745 1157 25,465
California0     $666,666,667758,607
Massachusetts11    11 34,189
Washington D.C.3    3 4,799
Maine8    8 50,810
Arizona130x   130$125,000,000114,439
New Mexico5353XXXX$28,609,80432,175
Connecticut134   9 16,566
Vermont4    4non profit3,391
New Hampshire4xxxx4$740,0002,089
Delaware1xxxx1 2,434
Rhode Island63XX 3non profit16,418
Hawaii8X   8N/A15,334
Minnesota102   8 4,696
Michigan       218,556
New York255XXX20$14,000,00016,992
Illinois7622  549$36,000,00015,900
Montana16    16N/A9,666
New Jersey5XXXX5$12,931,20012,514
Puerto Rico3316   17N/A4,000

Emerging Medical Cannabis Market




Start Date

Accepting Apps.Bill PassedHomegrow?No Smoking?Out of State Reciprocity?
Arkansas3,000,9421/1/20187/1/20172016No Yes
Maryland6,068,511201820172014NoNo EdibleNo
Ohio11,646,2739/2018 2016NoX 
North Dakota757,952201820172016Yes  
West Virginia1,831,102202020192017NoX 
Iowa3,134,69312/201820172014 / 2017NoXYes


State# of Licensees? (Cap)
Arkansas488   40
Maryland01 (15)    
Pennsylvania75 –


12 (25)  50 –


Florida07   175
North Dakota0     
West Virginia0     

Information Current (to the best of our ability) as of 6/22/2017

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