Nevada – Out of Product? Our Grow Tray System is Here to Help

nevada shortage

Nevada, we heard you are out of product. Have no fear; Whole Plant Technologies is here! Our mediumless aeroponic grow tray system can arrive at your commercial cultivation facility within four weeks (while inventory lasts). 1,000 sq ft of canopy can be installed in a week. 8-12 weeks later, you can be harvesting 90 lbs or more of what will become top-shelf product.

We suggest you have us build out three (or more additional) 60 tray rooms – our grow system is scalable and modifiable for small-to-large commercial facilities. That way you can perpetually harvest 90 lbs or more of flame-grade fire every two weeks forever and ever. Did we mention our mediumless aeroponic commercial grow tray system is 30% more profitable than other industry grow systems like soil, coco-coir drip irrigation or rockwool?

Our aeroponic grow tray system reduces grow medium, nutrient and labor costs while increasing harvest schedule and yield. We install the system for you, train your team, provide a one year warranty on our trays, and offer ongoing service plans for the system. Our system pays for itself after the first harvest. Not to mention – it grows dank product.

Nevada commercial cultivators – help us help you never run out of product! Up-and-coming producers looking to garner one of those rumored additional grow licenses – help us help you acquire licenses by showing your ability to come online quickly with clean and quality grow practices!

Whole Plant Technologies is here to help! Give us a call at 844-978-2376 or shoot us an email today – we’re the safest bet you’ll make in Nevada!

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