A Breakdown of the Cannabis Market By State

Cannabis Market

Whole Plant Technologies is designing and installing a commercial cannabis hydroponic – aeroponic grow tray system for a medical cannabis cultivation facility in Puerto Rico. We are also consulting a client toward submitting an application for a medical marijuana cultivation facility and medical marijuana dispensary in Arkansas.

Last week we were asked to submit a bid for consulting a new group to enter the Florida medical cannabis cultivation and dispensary market. And recently, Whole Plant Technologies has received many inquiries about our medium-less cannabis grow tray system for projects positioning to come online in California’s new recreational cannabis market.

Yes, while that all sounds like shameless bragging…we wanted to highlight the array of activity going on in the cannabis industry all around the United States. We are always intrigued during our travels across the country for commercial cannabis by the fact that many in the industry don’t have some of the state’s activities on their radar. Many citizens in each state are not aware of the access they could have to medical marijuana if they qualified and took steps to become a patient.

We have created an informative breakdown of the recreational and medical cannabis markets – state by state. Below, we provide some raw data about the existing and emerging recreational cannabis market. Our second blog this month will discuss the existing and emerging medical cannabis markets.

Each state rolls out their regulations different than the next. In the recreational markets, patients worry about how their access to medicine is influenced by recreational sales and consumption. Home-growers wonder about protections for a personal plant count. Investors are interested in their ability to invest, start-up, or expand a commercial cannabis business in their state or a state they don’t have residency in. Cannabis entrepreneurs look at market saturation vs. market potential and delve into the specifics of the regulations. And, consumers care about the quality, safety, and cost of their cannabis.

Whole Plant Technologies advocates for cannabis policies that maintain personal access to the plant through appropriate individual plant counts combined with a mindfully regulated industry for those that don’t want to grow their own. An industry that is not overburdensome and does not overtax, but keeps products safe for consumers.

Our medium-less hydroponic – aeroponic grow tray and system flow with our larger philosophy! Our trays are scalable and modifiable with applications for home-growers and commercial growers. Our system does not guarantee freedom from mold, mildew, and pests, but because of the closed-loop nature of our system and faster harvest cycles, our system lends itself the ability to grow cannabis without the need for chemicals.

The trays can also be used with organic nutrient lines. Our Whole Plant Technologies grow tray system also grows more profitably than other industry standard grow technologies, making them excellent to consider for an economical, perpetual home-supply or a viable commercial cannabis cultivation facility able to maximize return on investment.

Established Recreational Cannabis Market




# of Licensees
Bill PassedMarket Func.TotalCult.Proc.Whl.Lab.Disp.


State2016 RevenueRevenue per Capita in 2016Tax Rates
Alaska$81,000N/A$50 / Ounce (Bud)

$15 / Ounce (Trim)


Emerging Recreational Cannabis Market



Tax Rates
Bill PassedAccepting Apps?Proj. Start Date
California39,849,8722016Still Drafting Regs.Early 2018Yes22.50%
Massachusetts6,873,018201610/2017Late 2018Yes28%
Nevada2,995,9732016Currently from med.

New Apps : 1/1/2018

Early Sales (Med Disp)


Yes25 %
Washington D.C.697,0122014No dispensing systemNo dispensing systemYesN/A

Information Current (to the best of our ability) as of 6/22/2017

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