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20 years of growing experience

Whole Plant Technologies

Faster Harvests. Higher Yields.

Whole Plant Technologies advances cannabis and agricultural growing techniques to produce clean and premium harvests with increased margin.

At Whole Plant, we have patented our growing system and now manufacture it for commercial and personal use. Through the collected data on our systems in commercial settings, our numbers represent an honest and conservative estimate of the savings and value of cultivating cannabis and agricultural crops using the Whole Plant Technologies Grow Tray System.

Whole Plant Technologies Services

Grow Tray System

Whole Plant Technologies Patented Grow Tray System, a hydroponic-aeroponic hybrid.


Grow Tray System Installation for commercial agriculture and food production.

Service plans

To clean and maintain the systems, including collecting and discarding root waste.

Training and Consultation

Best practices for maximum yield and production of the highest quality products using our systems.

Looking for the latest growing technologies allowing you to boast your clean, premium and zero waste products all while increasing your profits? Whole Plant Technologies can make this happen.

30% Higher Profit

Our Grow Tray System is a hydroponic-aeroponic hybrid. It allows for over 30% higher profit by reducing labor, significantly lowering grow medium costs, increasing yield and increasing harvests per year.

Zero drain-to-waste

The Whole Plant Technologies Grow Tray System keeps just enough water in the tray allowing for a 48-hour grace period during power outages for nutrients to remain available and ensuring crop success in emergency situations.


Training and consultation with you and your horticulture team on the best practices for maximum yield and production of the highest quality products using our systems. Through Whole Plant Technologies’ Cultivation Education and Grower Placement Program (CEGP Program) we can assist you in finding Master Growers, Technicians and other professionals.

Jody Testaberg

Founder – CEO

With twenty years of progressive growing experience, Jody Testaberg provides extensive knowledge, professionalism and passion to your growing needs.

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Abbie Testaberg

Founder – COO

A diverse path coalesced to give Abbie just the right skills to manage the “business” of Whole Plant Technologies.

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Buck Duncan

Executive Vice President – Cultivation

With extensive work experience in the horticulture industry, including propagation, logistics and research, combined with a two year mentorship.

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Jesse Long

Operations Manager

Jesse has enjoyed the distinct advantage of growing up in the Cannabis hotbed that is Oregon, and was generally able to develop his relationship with the plant without stigma or reprisal.

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